Bio Ouster Hot Tub Cleaner and Bacteria Purge Restoration Plumbing Cleanse Kit


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Whatever is included to keep your portable jacuzzi or day spa performing at optimal performance and lessen the accumulation of impurities:
Concentrated Hot Tub Repair Clean 30mL Treatment
Bio Ouster Premium Cleansing Chamois
Step-by-Step Instructions.CLEANING FACTORS TO CONSIDER FOR HOT TUBS Like all home appliances, jacuzzis need regular maintenance. Keep in mind, while taking in what appears like a completely tidy jacuzzi, behind the scenes, there are many feet of interior plumbing lines moving water effortlessly throughout the health club to lots of jets. When not in use these plumbing lines become a breeding place flourishing on nutrients such as creams, sweat, organics, and other contaminants. No matter how diligent you are about maintaining your portable jacuzzi, over time, it will likely establish and breed mold, mildew, and bio-contaminants. IT’S EVERYTHING ABOUT TEMPERATURE LEVEL The primary factor depends on the operating temperature level.

You generally heat up the medspa water
between 98 and 104 degrees creating a fantastic soak however likewise creating a reproducing environment for bacteria. After just a couple of months in operation, you will likely see modifications. The most common are typically”black, brown or white” flecks originating from your hot tub when the jets are on. Others might experience a’nasty’, ‘musky ‘or” chlorine’odor coming from your spa. This is not typical. The origin is normally bio-matter. SPA SANITIZERS REWARD WATER NOT THE JACUZZI VESSEL ITSELF Most hot tub sanitizers are formulated to stabilize and maintain

excellent health club water quality, not clean up the interior plumbing system. Regularly clearing out all the jets and pipes system can be a tedious manual task or need a plumbing. Bio Ouster Hot Tub is specifically created to handle bio-contaminants in your portable hot tub. It can decrease the build-up while keeping your plumbing jets tidy and odor complimentary with simply one treatment every 3-4 months. Functions CLEANS WITHIN OUT: Penetrates & purges bio-contaminants, sludge, and other hidden organics that develop over time.SINGLE-USE POUCH: Stop getting chemicals on your hands. Easy-pour spout disperses a perfect measured dose every time.MAXIMUM STRENGTH FORMULA: One dosage will deal with the portable medical spa for 3-4 months. Medical spa water will look, feel and smell much better DEALS WITH ALL HOT TUBS: Formulated for

  • today’s premium acrylic hot tubs and portable medical spas PERK MICROFIBER TOWEL: Consists of superior ultra-soft, non-abrasive chamois developed for superior medspa surfaces. Bio Ouster Hot Tub Cleaner and Bacteria Purge Restoration Plumbing Cleanse Kit

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