Milliard Extra-Wide 19″ Heavy-Duty Flexible Pool and Spa Vacuum Head with Ball Bearing Urethane Wheels


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Pools are fantastic fun throughout the summertime, however they also need to be properly cleaned and maintained to keep them safe and sanitary all season. No one likes to do the cleaning, however Milliard makes it easy with our Versatile vacuum head, so you can return to swimming earlier.

Bend Without Breaking

This flat-edge vacuum head literally gets bent out of shape over particles, leaves and other sludge in your swimming pool. Its flexible plastic body curves to the shape of the swimming pool flooring to reach any non-flat areas at the bottom.Glide With Pride Exposed, free-rolling

urethane wheels let the flex vacuum head roll over uneven surfaces on the pool floor at the right height for ideal suction, so there are no scrapes or snags to mar swimming pool linings or painted surface areas. Dispersed weights along the accessory also help keep contact with the swimming pool floor to you can spend more time fighting dirt instead of battling buoyancy.Suck It Up! Whatever your swimming pool’s got, this vacuum can take it. Leaves, sand, twigs, bugs … the heavy-duty

vacuum head can take the abuse. Just attach the vacuum pipe from your pool’s filter-pump to the 1.5-inch suction port, clip a standard swimming pool tool extension pole to the aluminum pole adapter and you’re all set to go fishing for dirt!Product Features Spring packed locking clips on the deal with to attach extension poles Weighted head to keep it along the bottom of the pool where it belongs Constructed from ABS plastic and aluminum handle for longevity and durability Compatible with 1 1/2 inch vacuum hoses 19 inches extra wide for easier and much faster surface area cleaning of your swimming pool flooring Formed urethane wheels for an extremely smooth glide All Milliard items are produced
with safety, quality, and convenience in mind and we are happy to make our customers’fulfillment our # 1 goal. Functions Aluminum handle adapter attaches to most standard extension poles with spring-loaded locking clips.Super-durable and versatile plastic body curves to the pool flooring to keep continuous suction on

the location being

  • cleaned.Weights keep the vacuum head at the bottom of the swimming pool, and free-rolling formed urethane wheels keep it from scratching or scraping delicate surfaces and provide an incredibly smooth move, Made from ABS plastic for durability and longevity.Cleaning surface area is 19in. large.
  • It has a 1.5″ suction port connection. Milliard Extra-Wide 19" Heavy-Duty Flexible Pool and Spa Vacuum Head with Ball Bearing Urethane Wheels

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