Spa Choice Standard Bromine Kit


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This Basic Bromine Health spa Kit includes the highest quality spa items. With this kit, you’ll have all you require to take care of your medical spa. The Standard Bromine Package includes: -pH BOOST (1pt)– A simple to disperse option that raises the pH in your day spa -pH REDUCE PT (1pt)– An easy to distribute option that reduces the pH in your health spa -FOAM FREE (8oz) – Eliminates bothersome foam from your health spa rapidly and easily -DEFENSE (1pt)– Helps avoid the development of scale build-up on day spa surface areas and equipment -RE-ENERGIZE (8 oz).– A non-chlorine shock with no chlorine odor -BROMINE TABS (8oz) – A bactericide, algaecide and disinfectant with no chlorine odor -BROMINE BOOSTER (8oz) – Utilized with bromine, this product develops a fast bromide reserve -METAL FREE (1pt)– gets rid of stain-causing metals from your health club -CALCIUM INCREASER (14oz) – Boosts the calcium firmness level in your day spa water to prevent rust and staining -BROMINE FLOATING DISPENSER -BROMINE TEST STRIPS (10 EA) -HEALTH CLUB CARE GUIDE


  • Functions high quality spa items
  • Keep water stabilized with test strips, pH increase and pH minimize
  • Consists of specialty chemicals to keep your day spa water shimmering
  • Includes bromine drifting dispenser
  • Consists of a simple to follow health club care guide
  • Keep water stabilized with test strips, pH boost, & pH reduce
Spa Choice Standard Bromine Kit

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