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Hot Tub Replacement PartChemicals Medspa Frog Dive Start 1.5 oz 1 Packet 2550This practical and reliable day spa start-up jacuzzi shock can be found in an easy to pour packet with an unique effervescent feature so you know its working. Its bubbling action correctly shocks your jacuzzi water and sets the preliminary chlorine level on newly filled health clubs up to 500 gallons; and for SPA FROG Mineral System users it helps extend the life of your bromine cartridges. Simply open and put the jacuzzi shock bundle into your medical spa when launching a freshly filled hot tub (roughly every 4 months)


  • One packet operates in medspas approximately 500 gallons.The effervescent actio assists the chlorine liquify quicker The fizz tells you it’s working!Jump Start completely accompanies the Medspa Frog In-Line System Spa Frog Jump Start Packet

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