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Numerous studies have revealed that work junkies are much more prone to suffer from severe stress than ordinary employees. It may not have instant effects, but stress can do a lot of damage overtime. Ulcers, coronary heart disease, severe anxiety, nervous breakdown-these are just some of the serious long-term effects of work-related stress. And stress is no joke. According to the US Center for Disease Control more than half of annual deaths of people aged 1 to 65 years old can be attributed to the effects of stress.

According to experts, one of the best ways to relieve stress is to take a bath in a hot tub. A hot jetted tub bath is definitely a sure way to keep your workaholic spouse relaxed during his time off from work. When you take a dip in a hot tub, the heat helps to dilate your blood vessels, which result in increased blood circulation. One of the things that stressed-out people suffer from is poor blood circulation. So an occasional dip in one of these tubs would certainly help fight stress.

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