HTH Alkalinity Up for Hot Tubs, 1.25lb

Balance Your Hot Tub Water with HTH Alkalinity Up in 1.25lb Size

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4.73 out of 5 stars

94 reviews

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Keep your spa and hot tub in top condition with HTH Spa Care Alkalinity Up. This product stabilizes pH fluctuations, raises alkalinity, and protects against damage to surfaces and equipment. Compatible with all sanitizers, HTH Spa Alkalinity Up ensures healthy, comfortable water with easy-to-follow instructions for use.

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Additional Product Details

  • Maintains optimal pH levels in hot tubs
  • Prevents corrosion of hot tub equipment
  • Easy to use and quick dissolve formula
  • Does not affect water clarity in hot tubs
  • Safe for all hot tub surfaces and filters
  • Helps extend the lifespan of hot tubs
  • Reduces skin and eye irritation caused by low alkalinity
  • Formulated specifically for hot tubs
  • Comes in a convenient resealable bag
  • 1.25lb size provides multiple treatments for small to medium sized hot tubs

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